Paris Fashion Week: John Galliano Spring/Summer 2010

A Master at Theatrics

A Master at Theatrics

He embraces every aspect of show business with dramatic runways, stagy lighting, and over the top makeup, and for that John Galliano is a master at theatrics.  Galliano is the example of the principle, ‘every little detail counts.’ 

Yesterday, Galliano topped it all with his Paris Fashion Week show as he presented his collection on a runway surrounded by levitating laser lit bubbles floating around the models.  The runway was a vision of burning red streaming light.  And the fashions were once again nothing less than incredible.  Layers of delicate lace and chiffon, dresses and lingerie-like camisoles, the collection reflected back to old Hollywood.

What I most adore about a John Galliano show is the way in which he combines individual standout garments into a collection of dramatic fashion.  He crosses into new territories through his styling, accessorizing, and expressive runway visions.  In truth, each separate Galliano garment deserves its own spotlight, but this designer knows that a real show succeeds when you can transport your audience into an entirely new world and environment simply through an imaginative runway and exquisite collection.  


this designer clearly understands the key to a dramatic runway

this designer clearly understands the key to a dramatic runway


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