Tongue Tattoos

Tattoos have been around forever serving as a permanent form of self expression for people of all ages.  Once considered a form of rebellion, tattoos are now increasingly more common in today’s society, causing people to barely turn a head when spotting someone covered head to toe in body art.  Girls are sprinkling themselves in permanent stars and tatt-ing themselves in drawings of marilyn monroe figures while men are seen donning personally meaningful symbols and messages on their biceps and backs.  

But a new trend is the Tongue Tattoo, a unique and daring new form of body art.  Because today’s society is never content with staying within the norm, we find people pushing the limits to find new and innovative forms of self expression.  

A person can tattoo their tongue a uniform color or simply inscribe the lower tip with a  small image or icon.  For the more adventurous, one can have their entire tongue covered in an intricate design or even a scenic landscape!  Dare to be bold! 

I’ve always been an advocate of body art and tattoos.. though I can safely say I am way too afraid to commit to a single design for the rest of my life.  Truthfully, I have enough trouble committing to what I ordered off the dinner menu.. let alone a permanent tattoo!  


5 responses to “Tongue Tattoos

  1. That is fuckin sweet who ever did that has some talent!!

  2. photoshopped…….wow people…..

  3. wow i want it done.

  4. its real check out the tongue you cant see its real

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