Dekkori Shoe Accessories


Boots or sparkles? Slouchy or straight? ..Too many choices!!

What if you could buy one pair of basic pumps and turn them into ten different styles of sophisticated, high fashion heels?  Better yet, what if you didn’t have to provide excuses for your designer heels and torture your feet with expensive fancy footwear?  How many times have we all said “Oh its just the price we pay too look good (ouch ouch ouch!)”

With Dekkori, we no longer have to trade those beautifully chic shoes for a miserable night of painful blistered agony.. and we no longer have to break the bank for that high-end designer pump.  Dekkori shoe accessories allow you to keep that favorite comfortable pair of pumps by giving you the ability to transform them into show stopping, head-turning heels.

Simply slip the accessory over and around your ankle & securely snap it around the sole of your foot.  In seconds you can effortlessly turn that old pair of sandals or pumps into an amazing pair of slouchy leather boots or stylish and funky heels embellished in bows and crystals.

Some of my favorites are the “Charisma Pull On Boot” in Metallic Copper Leather and the “Innocence Bow” in Black Satin.


How about these for the perfect holiday stocking stuffers?!

Dekkori lets your shoes make the statement… everyday brings a different fashion!  Check them out at for the entire line of accessories.


3 responses to “Dekkori Shoe Accessories

  1. Does you web site have a link to your blog???

    I like this one and your t-shirt blog. You DO write well — style, substance, AND grammer.

    Also your message function on your web site is broken. Can’t send you a message. Can only grab your email and send a message that way.

  2. Thanks for your support in dekkori!
    Our online shop is now open so please visit us soon!

    Please also check us out on Facebook where we linked your fabulous post!

  3. These accessories are totally awesome…

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