HI! I’m Randi, fashion designer and recent graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. My love of fashion began when I was young spending countless hours “dressing up.” With a trunk of costumes and my mom’s closet of beautiful high-heels at my disposal, I created one fanciful fashion after another. Add a creative mind and an artistic heart and the designer in me blossomed. For years, I scribbled dozens of sketches at a time, filling one notebook after another with fashion ideas. Years later, I became addicted to the buzzing rhythm of my first sewing machine while proudly transforming my ideas and sketches into actual garments.

Since then, I have seized all possible opportunities to further my understanding of the fashion industry and of design. I have studied at various schools and programs, spent a summer in Paris, and interned for several notable high fashion designers. Through these experiences I have deepened my love for fashion and my desire to enter the field.

Although I savor the elegance and sophistication of high fashion, I am equally excited by everyday wear for women. My appetite for expanding my grasp of all aspects of the fashion industry only grows. Above all, however, I thrive on the ability to create.

Thank you for taking a peek at my website. Enjoy!


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